Behavioral Health Solutions

Freedom Forever is dedicated to offering solutions to help gain freedom from any thoughts, emotions, fears, and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your destiny!

Behavioral Health


Our health solutions include MindFitConnect, Private Consultations, and Corporate Wellness sessions. Take charge of your behavioral health today!


MindFitConnect is a counselor-led online community of individuals challenged to adopt an evidence based system to promote self-determination for individual wellness and healthy communities.

Private Consultations

Short term counseling sessions can jump start forward movement from negative life cycles, and can be a useful addition before or after professional counseling services.

Corporate Wellness

Promote purpose-driven and productive work environments with symptom specific Lunch and Learn presentations. Use performance consultations to solve individual conflicts to achieve shared goals.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re interested in a Private Consultation, you’ll first want to fill out the assessment tools to help identify your needs before connecting. MindFitConnect is another service that seeks to help individuals, known as challengers, develop their own unique life blueprint to learn how to resolve issues that get in the way of peace and happiness. Choose an option below to get started with the service for you.

Maureen McGuire

Founder & CEO of Freedom Forever

Maureen McGuire

I am a lifelong behavioral health practitioner with 35 years of experience providing counseling services to a large cross section of clients including veterans, first responders, athletes, teens, and executives learning to manage symptoms associated with post traumatic stress, chronic pain, chronic conditions, depression, anxiety, and phase of life transitions.


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