Freedom Forever is dedicated to offering solutions to help gain freedom from any thoughts, emotions, fears, and behaviors that prevent you from finding happiness and reaching your destiny!

Mission Statement

To promote and evangelize a self-health movement through individual personal development and group leadership training to build healthy communities. The training curriculum was developed using evidence-based counseling concepts and preventative wellness tools, techniques and strategies interfaced with a biopsychosocial model of care. Services are delivered by a licensed counselor with contributions from holistic practitioners.


Our Philosphy

At Freedom Forever Behavior Health Solutions, we believe that people who struggle with behavioral health issues often suffer in silence until unhelpful behaviors become public: seeking medical help after suffering a meltdown, ending up in a courthouse after failing to solve a conflict, or thinking desperate thoughts while idling in negative emotion… and we do not want to wait for that! Freedom Forever Behavior Health Solutions seek to offer preventative wellness services that promote resilience and life skills training before the need for professional counseling, and before and after seeking professional counseling services.

Any motivated individual, from any background, at the right stage of change, (and absent true organic dysfunction), can benefit from the experienced application of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and modalities associated with positive psychology proven useful to healing. Freedom Forever Behavior Health Solutions follow a strength based, holistic approach to healing. Therefore, the lead clinician often encourages working with teams of registered dietitians, neurotherapists, fitness consultants, paraprofessionals, and non judgemental online communities to help sustain gains made post training.

Maureen McGuire

Meet the Founder & CEO

Maureen McGuire

I am a lifelong behavioral health practitioner with 35 years of experience providing counseling services to a large cross section of clients including veterans, first responders, athletes, teens, and executives learning to manage symptoms associated with post traumatic stress, chronic pain, chronic conditions, depression, anxiety, and phase-of-life transitions.

My goal is to understand and connect with clients to help better manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors to increase performance in life, relationships and/or career. My experience also tells me that true happiness involves a focus on the whole person, and I often collaborate with other wellness practitioners for a goal driven, solution focused approach using the most suitable evidence based strategies to help you learn and grow into self-love and acceptance.

Together we can navigate your own unique life plan in a safe, non judgemental environment and establish a strong connection to a larger, healthy community. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and certified in Chronic Disease Management, PTSD for the military and military culture. I am on staff at the Human Connection in Idaho as a registered counseling intern and I am licensed to treat co-occurring disorders in California.


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