Most clients seek to relieve emotional distress and make better decisions when they can understand their thoughts and behaviors. While there is no magic formula for success and happiness, assessment tools can help exact the problem, and then the evidence based modalities we apply at Freedom Forever, along with the community support, can increase the chances for both! Please use the Freedom Forever Beck’s Depression Inventory, Freedom Forever Beck’s Anxiety Inventory, Freedom Forever Brief Trauma Questionnaire, to help determine if you may also benefit from professional counseling beyond short term counseling consultations.

Beck Anxiety Assessment

The BAI is a 21-item self-report inventory designed to measure the severity of an individual’s anxiety. Completing this assessment helps identify anxious symptoms and guides further treatment.

Beck Depression Assessment

The BDI is a 21-question multiple-choice self-report inventory that assesses the presence and intensity of depressive symptoms. It aids in identifying depression and monitoring treatment progress.

Brief Trauma Questionnaire

The BTQ is a concise self-report tool that screens for exposure to traumatic events and related psychological distress. It assists in identifying trauma history and informing therapeutic approaches.

If you are interested in individual counseling with Maureen McGuire, please contact the the Human Connection in Sandpoint, ID, at 208-265-5412 and ask for Kaylee LaDuca to see if there are any openings:

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