Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)

If you’re considering a Private Consultation with us, we ask that you first complete several self-assessments including the Beck Depression Inventory (Assessment). This will help in identifying any additional underlying issues that may benefit from Individual Counseling.

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Below is a list of common symptoms of depression. Please carefully read each item in the list. Indicate how much you have been bothered by that symptom during the past month, including today by choosing the appropriate corresponding response.
1. Sadness*
2. Pessimism*
3. Past Failure*
4. Loss of Pleasure*
5. Guilty Feelings*
6. Punishment Feelings*
7. Self-Dislike*
8. Self-Criticism*
9. Suicidal Thoughts or Wishes*
10. Crying*
11. Agitation*
12. Loss of Interest*
13. Indecisiveness*
14. Worthlessness*
15. Loss of Energy*
16. Changes in Sleep Patterns*
17. Irritability*
18. Changes in Appetite*
19. Concentration Difficulty*
20. Tiredness or Fatigue*
21. Loss of Interest in Sex*
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