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MindFitConnect is a counselor-led online community of individuals challenged to adopt an evidence-based system to promote self-determination for individual wellness and healthy communities.

MindFitConnect initiates the application of individual goal driven wellness plans through a 6-week training program, and then facilitates online and local in person support memberships for helping navigate obstacles, find solutions, and sustain gains. MindFitConnect seeks to encourage understanding of self and others to restore a culture of mental health versus mental illness. It’s healthy human connections that support optimal performance.

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Why Choose MindFitConnect

MindFitConnect seeks to help individuals, known as challengers, develop their own unique life blueprint and learn how to resolve issues that impede the execution of that blueprint to find peace and happiness. Because the training is counselor-led, it surpasses any “life coaching” or self-directed program. The MindFitConnect system works because challengers learn how to overcome obstacles that hinder right living by learning and applying principles based on very well-researched concepts, tools, techniques, and strategies from Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Everyone—truly everyone—wants to feel loved and accepted while living a purpose-driven life. Goals set for doing just that are more likely to be accomplished through MindFitConnect because you are also supported by a community of others similarly interested in shedding old, unhelpful ways in order to stay on task for living your bliss. The MindFitConnect community cares, and we want you to be successful!

Counselors can’t change painful events and unhelpful habits of the past, but counselors can help change the way people see themselves and make sense of those experiences…..then people can create a hopeful, healthy, and happy future!

— Maureen McGuire, Counselor

Who is this For?

MindFitConnect can be useful to anyone interested in summoning the courage to make changes needed to move forward. However, MindFitConnect can never take the place of professional counseling. If you are on a waiting list for a professional counselor, you can use MindFitConnect as a placeholder while you clarify your counseling goals. If you’re about to terminate counseling and need some additional, affordable support to sustain your gains, MindFitConnect is also for you! Or, if you are just looking to become a little more deliberate in your quest for optimal living with the stability and support of others, join MindFitConnect today!

MindFitConnect can serve as a useful activity while on a waiting list for a counselor, help transition out of individual counseling, or help those looking to become a little more focused in the personal journey to happiness.

Process Overview

MindFitConnect | 6-Week Training Course


To sustain your gains, add continued support from the online MindFitConnect community at $30 for 3 months, or $12/month. MindFitConnect Challengers can continue to stay supported at $12/month or $30/quarterly thereafter to maintain accountability and connection as long as needed.

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